Life Needs Programs

HHFF will serve military children dealing with a parent facing multiple deployments and the children of wounded and fallen soldier’s in Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom. Provide financial assistance and mentoring for the following activities on behalf of military children:

  • Academic assistance – Tutor based feesCharity Mentor Program for Military Families
  • Sports entry fees – Individual and Team
  • Day care fees
  • Art classes, music lessons and educational based program fees
  • Camp program entry fees (i.e. football camp, space and science camp, etc.)
  • After-school programs and mentorship program fees
  • Counseling services not covered by insurance.

Provide emergency financial assistance to military families who have children and are facing financial hardships as a direct result of a parent being wounded, injured, or lost at war.

  • Housing Expenses-mortgage (saving homes from foreclosure), rent, repairs, insurance
  • Vehicle expenses- payments, insurance, repairs
  • Utilities, including primary phone
  • Food and incidentals
  • Children’s clothing, diapers, formula, necessary school or childcare expenses
  • Medical bills, prescriptions & eyeglasses- the patient’s portion for necessary or emergency medical care only
  • Appliance repair
  • HHFF will provide assistance with travel expenses when family members and non-conforming “relatives” (fiancé, best friend, grandparents, or significant other) request the need to be with a service member during treatment of rehabilitation, or when a service member has been fatally wounded.
  • Additional financial aid to be provided on a case per case basis